Welcome to the River Ridge Bass Tournament

Welcome to the 2017 Season of the River Ridge Bass Tournament.

We had our biggest year to date last year. And I'd like to thank everyone who attended our tournaments. We also consistantly had more weight and full bags then I've ever seen before.

Welcome to the River Ridge Bass Tournament Info Pages

My name is Ronald McMillion and I am the current tournament director for the River Ridge bass tournaments. I took over running these events in 2014. I live in Chesterfield Virginia, but have a camp site in River Ridge on lot 29G. I can be found there most weekends in spring, summer and fall. I'm also there anytime the wife lets me go during the week. So feel free to drop in for a chat anytime. I would love to talk about the tournaments or just about fishing in general with all of you. This tournament has been held at River Ridge for many years now amd I have set up this site to try to increase the attendance at our tournaments, both from River Ridge residents and from anyone outside of our community. Most of the fishermen who join us from outside River Ridge come by boat. If you wish to come by vehicle you can do so. It will cost a $10 ramp fee, and you must call or text me at 804-543-2292, by 7pm the evening before kick off. Or you can email me at guthwolf@comcast.net at least 2 days in advance. River Ridge is a gated community and you will need someone at the gate to let you in to fish. You can find directions on our MAP PAGE for either route. This tournament is setup for fisherman to have fun and meet like minded fisherman. I'm also trying to make this tournament into a place to introduce new fisherman to the tournament experience and for a place to get our younger generations started in fishing. So I hope to see you, your family members, or friends, at our next event. I want to wish everyone a safe season and good luck to all.